Monday                  12:00pm - 04:00am (next day)

Tuesday                  12:00pm - 04:00am (next day)

Wednesday           12:00pm - 04:00am (next day)

Thursday               12:00pm - 04:00am (next day)

Friday                     12:00pm - 00:00am (24 hours)

Saturday                00:00am - 12:00pm (24 hours)

Sunday                   12:00pm - 04:00am (next day)






Membership cost is $20 per year, you will get a membership card. You can  access to your own personal account, check your balance and purchase game time with a discount.

**Refer a friend to sign up for membership, both of you get 2 hours FREE**


NON-MEMBER – Casual gamers/first time visitors. You will need to prepay at the front desk. Minimum charge of $4.00/30 minutes applies.

Basic Rate (per hour) ---------- $8 (Tax in)

Day Pass ( Monday to Thursday) ---------- $32 (Tax in)  **drop in anytime and play for $32 till closing 

         Day Pass ( Saturday & Sunday) ---------- $32 (Tax in)  **drop in before 10 AM and play for $32 till midnight

         Night Pass  ---------- $28 (Tax in)  **drop in anytime and play for $28 between midnight to 8 AM next morning


MEMBER – Regular gamers. You can pay game time in advance and get extra credits. For example, if you pay $50 in advance, you get $10 extra credits. All unused prepaid credits and game times will never expire and will be saved in your membership card for future usage.

        Basic Rate (per hour) ---------- $6 (Tax in)

        Day Pass ( Monday to Thursday) ---------- $22 (Tax in)  **drop in anytime and play for $22 till closing 

        Day Pass ( Saturday & Sunday) ---------- $22 (Tax in)  **drop in before 10 AM and play for $22 till midnight

        Night Pass  ---------- $18 (Tax in)  **drop in anytime and play for $18 between midnight to 8 AM next morning


Membership (1 year) --------- $20 (tax in)


Pay in advance and get Extra Credits

  • Pay $50 in advance Get $10 Extra Credits (Worth 10 hours game time)
  • Pay $100 in advance Get $40 Extra Credits (Worth 24 hours game time)
  • Pay $200 in advance Get $100 Extra Credits (Worth 50 hours game time)
  • Pay $500 in advance Get $300 Extra Credits (Worth 144 hours game time)


*** If you have lost your membership card, please notify us immediately to suspend the lost card. Cost to replace lost card is $10.

*** Members are required to renew membership before expiry to take advantage of member benefits.

*** It is member’s responsibility to take care of their membership information at all time. SGC will try the best to assist members to protect and recover membership information but take no responsibility for any situation rather than ensuring computers are secure and our payment system is in good order.





I am new to computer gaming how should I start?

Our gaming centre focuses on team gaming, most customers play highly competitive team based games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike Global Offensive and so on. We would suggest you to register a Steam or BattleNet account and try out the games on those platforms. You need to have an account from game platforms (eg. Battle Net, Steam) and you have purchased the games in your accounts to access the games in our gaming centre. We do not have accounts to give out to customers to try the games. Our gaming centre's primary focus is to provide a facility with competitive team gaming experience.  Most of customers come to our gaming centre already have games that they play or they want to master on and play with their friends and teammates. We do have game inventory for games that don't require users to have platform accounts access such as Classic games like Counter Strike 1.5/1.6, Command & Conquer: Red Alert, Age of Empires II, and Street Fighter.


Do I have to be a member to play games at Sakura Gaming Centre (SGC)?

No, you don’t have to be a member to play games in SGC. Non-member hourly rate to use our computers is $8 per hour. There will also be promotion packages available periodically for first time users. Like us on Facebook or check on our homepage for details.


Are the computers at SGC safe in terms of internet security?

Yes, our computers are 100%. In SGC, all computers are actively monitored by professional internet Security Company. We have a commercial grade firewall for any kind of internet hacking and attacks. All user data will be erased once a user is logged off from the computers.


Why should I play games at SGC instead of playing at home?

There are so many advantages to play at a gamer focused gaming centre like SGC, just to name a few of those advantages: 1. You get one of the best computer setups for gaming in the market, 2. Dedicated fast speed fiber internet, 3. Custom designed gaming sofa and desk, 4. The perfect game station setup to play with your friends and teammates, 5. Drinks and snacks supplied so you never have to starve during your ranked games.



How does the SGC membership works?

We offer annual membership for $20. Becoming a member allows you to take advantage of our low hourly rate of $6 per hour to use our computers all year long. Members will be given a membership card with a unique membership number that is also the member’s account number in our system. Members can deposit money to their account. Once the account is setup, members can just come into SGC and log in on the computers with your membership number and password to start playing. Our system will automatically track how much time members have been on the computer and charge the amount accordingly. Members can check their balance, account information and membership expiry date on any of our computers. There will also be reminders for low balance and upcoming membership expiry date.


Why should I become a member?

Becoming a SGC member gives you many benefits: 1. you always get a lower hourly rate ($6) to use our computers than a nonmember, 2. You get a membership card with your account that you can just log in on any of our computers and play, no need to see staff to gain access to our computers each time, 3. You can take advantage of our top-up bonus promotions for members which makes the hourly rate even cheaper, 4. You have chance to get freebies, samples and new products from our sponsors like NCIX, Gigabit, Asus, 5. Free admission to most of exciting tournaments through the year. There are a lot more benefits to be a member at SGC. Like our Facebook page or check our homepage for details.


How much money should I put into my SGC membership account?

You can put in as much as you like. However putting more money in advance will allow you to play for longer without going to the front desk to putting more in. Especially during an intense team game, you don’t want the computer to remind you that your balance will only allow you to play 5 more minutes and you will be forced out of the computer. So putting more money into your account in advance is also a good idea to avoid awkward game disconnection due to zero balance in your account.



What if SGC doesn’t have the games I want play?

You can always let us know the game titles through our email, Facebook or at our front counter and we will add them on for you. For games on Steam, BattleNet or other platforms, it may still require users to purchase the games in advance before accessing the game.